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Our Vision

We welcome you to Sada.E. Afghanistan Television (SATV).  SATV is not your ordinary Afghan TV.  Not only is SATV going to add to the diversity of international television, SATV will seek to ascribe to the highest standard in providing its audience with high quality programs reflecting their interests.

As the name suggests, SATV is a reflection of the views and ambition of Afghans and the Afghan diaspora that live around the world.   Conversely, our programs seek to present Afghan people to the rest of the world highlighting their talents, culture and abilities.   We seek to position the television station to be a service to the Afghan people and the world in general providing them with information, connecting them to events happening around the world and entraining them with top notch programs.

In addition to music and entertainment, our television will include educational program that will seek to enlighten the world about Afghans and Afghan culture.  These programs will include religious program highlighting the role of Islam among Afghans and in the world.  Our contemporary era has witness the interrogation of Islam and its role in the modern world and Islam has historical been a major part of Afghan culture.  Our television program will seek to not only educate people about Islam but highlight its contribution and its impact on Afghans and the world.

SATV aims to use a new approach to television.  Many television stations impress the view of a few individuals with unique political perspectives, experiences and biases.   Afghanistan and the Afghan diaspora are constantly challenged with many problems that are not limited to politics.  Furthermore, politics, instead of being an instrument for voicing the views and desires of people and instead of providing solutions, has become a source of promoting, if not creating division.   This has cost Afghanistan and Afghans progress, innovativeness and development.   Even worse, for the last three decades the world has notice the killing of Afghans on an unprecedented level.

Our aim is to reverse the trend of the disintegration of the Afghan society, not by advancing our policitical solutions, views and biases but by using the advent of international television to allow Afghans and the Afghan diaspora to share their views and offer their solutions.   With this aim, we hope that Afghans and the Afghan diaspora would tune in to find out what their fellow countrymen think and how they want to solve our problems.   We hope this open forum will help people to understand each other’s perspective.   Our emphasis is going to be on solutions, ethical conduct and mutual respect.  We will aim to adhere to conduct with highest level of civility.

Our television aims to emphasize and highlight what is right with people and how each and everyone of us is an asset not only to Afghanistan and the Afghan diaspora but to the human society as a whole.   We are going to emphasize the positive impact that we can expound on our society, our neighbors and our world.   Please join us and support our station.

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