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Dariche Farda (Window to the Future)
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Saturday, 04 December 2010 02:30
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Dariche Farda (Window to the Future) launched in 2006 and is today known as one of the most watched shows on the Afghan TV. Each week, this show facilitates a forum for the youth worldwide to empower them through live exchange of ideas and getting educated by well qualified guest speakers.

Research shows that youth who participate in youth development and leadership experiences are more likely to do well in school, be involved in the community, and positively transition through adolescence and adulthood. "Window to the Future" is a program FOR and BY the youth. In this show our aim is to promote the positive image of Islam and educating the youth through social activism and active participation. The topics we cover include various Islamic, cultural, social, economic and family matters. Since this show is broadcasting through Satellite TV, we are reaching out to the millions of youth worldwide in their own homes.

"Window to the Future" has become a platform where young developing adults can express their views and concerns freely. The positive impact of this show has been reflected by receiving hundred of live calls during the show and many encouraging emails from the youth and their families. The show airs every Sunday from at 12 noon (PST) on Sadaye Afghanistan TV.

In order to enhance the program further, we envision of inviting guest speaker(s) from around the globe with various background and talent to share their knowledge, experience to empower the youth to pursue excellence in whatever area they are interested. This dream can only be achieved by proper funding and a certain budget to pay for the travel, lodging and other miscellaneous expenses of our out of town guest speakers. "Window to the Future" also like other TV shows is obligated to pay hourly rate to Ariana Afghanistan Television. The current host and people who help to produce the show are all volunteers and work countless hours to meet the high expectation of the viewer.

We need you to invest in the future of our youth by joining our modest sponsorship program that not only brings you the best in this life but also in the hereafter.

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